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Peter Grubb Hut is located below Castle Peak in Round Valley, 3 miles north of the Castle Peak trailhead near I-80. Expect approximately 800′ of elevation gain. The route is poorly marked by orange triangles mounted obscurely in trees at 100-200 yard intervals. Overnight parking is available at the California Sno-Park at the Boreal-Castle Peak exit on I-80. Park on the frontage road east of the Boreal Inn and walk back under the freeway to the trailhead. Topo map: Norden 7-1/2′ quad.

There are day trip possibilities to Paradise Valley, Basin Peak, Castle Peak, and Sand Ridge Lake. Round Valley is a good instructional and practice area for skiers. The hut is just off the Pacific Crest Trail and is a popular destination for day trippers; daytime privacy and security are minimal.

** Call (530) 426-3632 or email for reservations. **



The hut has a main room with a wood-burning stove, tables, and a kitchen area. An upstairs sleeping loft accommodates 15. Side rooms hold firewood and maintenance supplies. A two-story outhouse is 75′ WNW of the hut.



Peter Grubb Hut was built in 1938-39 by friends and family as a memorial to Peter Grubb, who had just graduated from Galileo High School in San Francisco and was on a bicycling tour of Europe when he died at the age of 18. For more information on the history of the Peter Grubb Hut, see our Peter Grubb Hut History page.