Our Covid 19 Response

In compliance with Governor Newsom’s mandate, as well as Sierra Club’s organizational guidelines, Clair Tappaan Lodge, Hutchinson Lodge and the backcountry hut system are temporarily closed. Reopening is currently not scheduled until at least March 1st 2021 for Clair Tappaan Lodge. The huts will remain closed until at least April 1st 2021. Hutchinson Lodge will remain closed until summer.

With the recent increase in Covid-19 Country, State and County wide we cannot guarantee the hoped for opening dates noted above. As March 1st is looking more unlikely for Clair Tappaan Lodges we are noting booking actual reservations in the system at this time. Any requests sent to us in November & December when we hoped to have advanced booking open will be held in priority for when we do begin to process reservations. At this time, we will open Clair Tappaan Lodge reservations February 1st along with Hut reservations (see below) if we believe opening will be possible.  We will update this website as more information becomes available and decisions have been made.

Should we have the opportunity to open the Huts April 1st advanced reservations will open February 1, 2021. Reservations will be available via phone (530) 426-3632 or via an online booking request sheet which will become live February 1st. All reservations will be made on a first come first served basis. Our staff is minimal during the closure and you will likely need to leave a message with your request and contact information if you call our desk. All requests via phone and the on line booking request form will be logged with date and time received. Then processed in order.