Outdoor/Environmental Education Partners

environmental edIn addition to hosting dozens of official Sierra Club events each year, we also work with local organizations who help create fun, educational, and memorable experiences in the outdoors. In doing so, we hope to create permanent connections between our guests and the environment. Our current program partners include: Gateway Mountain CenterHeadwaters Science InstituteSierra Nevada JourneysDiscovering Grace Adventures, and Tahoe Adventure Company.

For general information about outdoor/environmental education programs at Clair Tappaan Lodge, email manager@clairtappaanlodge.com or call (530) 426-3632.

Environmental Education Scholarship Fund – 
Each summer, we hold a summer fundraiser at Clair Tappaan Lodge to enable Environmental Education opportunities for underserved youth. (This summer it was held on July 6th – 8th.)  All proceeds went into a special fund which provides grants to groups wishing to stay at the Lodge and participate in Environmental Education programs.

Teachers and youth-group leaders working with underserved youth may apply for grant funds by submitting a funding request at least two weeks in advance of the event. To apply for a grant, please fill out our Funding Request Form and email to j2risk@gmail.com.

Check out our Donations Page for more info on how you can help support environmental education efforts underway at Clair Tappaan Lodge.